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Vivian Roviaro Award Winners

 This award recognizes the women of our industry that stand out in support of IBDEA just as Vivian did. This tribute to Vivian as she was the first female President, the Best Singer ever to hold an office in our group, and one of the Kindest, Gentlest, and most Competent women our industry group has seen.


2009Laurie Irish-JonesIrish Carbonic Inc
2010Lenette EganMcDantim Inc
2011Stefanie FeldmanIBDEA
2012Susan PincusCarbonator Rental Service
2014Roni StarmanAutotap Corp
2015Sandy RayCarbonics Inc
2016Charlotte JasonJason Enterprises
2017Pamela IrishIrish Carbonic Inc
2018Gayle McClintockKint Beverage Concepts
2021Kim BamrickQCS Purchasing
2023Sherri IskraLeonard’s Syrups