Product Fair Guidelines

The purpose of the Association member Product Fair program is to provide the opportunity for face-to-face communication between Regular and Associate Members. The objective of the Product Fair Guidelines, as defined by IBDEA, is to:

  • Provide an environment for meaningful dialogue between the Regular and Associate members.
  • Maintain, via the following Guidelines, parity among Associate members, regardless of size or type of product or service supplied to the Regular members.
    1. Participation in the Product Fair is restricted to IBDEA Members.
    2. A Product Fair booth may be purchased by a dues-paying member.
        • Membership dues must be paid by January 15.
        • A Regular member may purchase a booth, providing its dues are equal to or exceed that of an Associate member.
          1. If not, the Regular member will be invoiced the difference.
    3. The Product Fair application must be submitted to IBDEA Headquarters.
        • IBDEA Headquarters will send you an invoice due upon receipt.
        • Payments can be made via the Member Portal, contacting headquarters, or issuing a check.
          1. Checks must be received within 14 days of the invoice date.
    4. IBDEA will continue the Passport program to drive attendance to each exhibitor’s booth.
        • All full conference Regular member registrations are eligible to participate.
    5. Exhibitor giveaway items and drawings will be permitted.
    6. Booth locations are assigned by the IBDEA Management Team and will try to accommodate each exhibitor’s requests.
        • If you indicate your four (4) competitors on the application form, every effort will be made not to assign your booth near those specified, although it cannot be guaranteed.
    7. The following rules must be followed during the Product Fair:
        • Associate members not exhibiting may not solicit business during the Product Fair.
        • Literature may be distributed, and prefabricated literature racks will be allowed.
        • Banners and/or Company signage will be allowed.
          1. A standard identification sign will be supplied by IBDEA, as in the past.
        • Use of personal computers to demonstrate software applications is allowed.
        • Displays and signs may not exceed 12’ high.
        • No Helium balloons are permitted.
        • All displays are to be completely removed during the allotted teardown time.
    8. If all booths are filled, you will be notified and placed on a waiting list.

You agree to abide by these Guidelines by submitting the Product Fair Application.

Effective for the 2023 Conference