Approved by the Board of Directors on October 22, 2023

The Antitrust laws prohibit agreements or understandings between two or more individuals or businesses to regulate prices or quantities of goods or services, to allocate customers or territories, to hinder or limit a competitor or potential competitor’s operations, or otherwise unreasonably restrain business activity. Discriminatory pricing or servicing is also prohibited.

Ignoring these laws can be costly and dangerous. Violation of the Sherman Act is a felony; convicted individuals can be and have been imprisoned for up to three years; corporations are subject to heavy fines. Violators may also have substantial judgments entered against them for monetary damages. Every individual should, therefore, follow these rules:

  • DO NOT discuss your prices or your competitor’s prices with a competitor (except when buying from or selling to that competitor) or anything that might affect prices, such as costs, discounts, terms of sale, or profit margins.
  • DO NOT agree with competitors to uniform terms of sale, warranties, or contract provisions.
  • DO NOT agree with competitors to divide customers or territories.
  • DO NOT act jointly with one or more competitors to put another competitor at a disadvantage.
  • DO NOT try to prevent your supplier from selling to your competitor.
  • DO NOT discuss your future pricing, marketing, or policy plans with competitors.
  • DO NOT discuss your customers with your competitors.